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1st Team Matches

2016/17 Season UBL AIL Fixtures just released

22 July 2016

We travel to City of Derry in Judges rd for the first game of the new season and we have 4 Friday night matches. Yippee !!

Skerries 16-17 Division 2B fixtures

Sat 17th Sep 16, 14:30  City Of Derry v Skerries     Judge’s Road

Sat 24th Sep 16, 14:30  Skerries v Dungannon       Holmpatrick

Sat 1st Oct 16, 14:30  MU Barnhall v Skerries         Parsonstown

Sat 8th Oct 16, 16:00  Skerries v Old Crescent       Holmpatrick

Sat 29th Oct 16, 14:30  Skerries v Armagh              Holmpatrick

Sat 5th Nov 16, 14:30  Thomond v Skerries             Liam Fitzgerald Park

Fri 11th Nov 16, 19:30  Skerries v Greystones         Holmpatrick

Sat 26th Nov 16, 14:00  Wanderers v Skerries       Merrion Road

Sat 3rd Dec 16, 14:30 Skerries v Bective Rangers   Holmpatrick

Sat 21st Jan 17, 14:30  Bective Rangers v Skerries  Donnybrook

Fri 27th Jan 17, 19:30  Skerries v Wanderers          Holmpatrick

Fri 10th Feb 17, 19:30  Greystones v Skerries         Dr Hickey Park

Sat 18th Feb 17, 14:30  Skerries v Thomond           Holmpatrick

Sat 4th Mar 17, 14:30  Armagh v Skerries                Palace Grounds

Sat 11th Mar 17, 14:30  Old Crescent v Skerries      Rosbrien

Fri 24th Mar 17, 19:30  Skerries v MU Barnhall     Holmpatrick

Sat 8th Apr 17 14:30  Dungannon v Skerries          Stevenson Park

Sat 15th Apr 17, 14:30  Skerries v City Of Derry     Holmpatrick