For an overview of the IRFU Player Insurance Scheme, go to the IRFU website click here.

Below details who is covered, levels of cover, and how to make a claim.

Who is Covered
The policy provides cover for elected and current paid-up members of SRFC – Whilst acting on its behalf as a Player, Coach, Rugby official, Doctor, physio or Club Officer. This can be any relevant person aged 5 years and up.

Levels of Cover
Skerries RFC (“SRFC”) facilitates 2 levels of insurance cover: 1. Serious Accident cover, 2. Additional Top-up cover.

1. Serious Accident Cover
This provides for covered persons who receive serious injuries involving loss or use of limbs or eyes, total disability or death, and is compulsory for affiliated Irish Rugby Clubs under IRFU rules. The Scheme is arranged by IRFU, with AON Insurance as broker, & provides fixed benefits for serious accidents incurred whilst playing or officially training with SRFC.


Death –  €500,000

Total loss or irrecoverable loss of use of all 4 limbs – €1,500,000

Loss of 2 or more limbs or loss of both eyes, or 1 of each – €500,000

Loss of 1 limb or eye – €250,000

Permanent total disablement – €650,000

2. Additional Top-Up Cover

This is extra cover taken out by SRFC, additional to the above serious accident cover and also to cover applicable medical costs.

Benefits (Additional to benefits listed above)

Death –  €112,500 (Occurring within 24 months of accident)

Losses of 1 or more limbs or eyes – €112,500

Losses of 1 limb or eye – €56,250

Permanent Total Disablement – €112,500 (from any occupation)

General Medical Expenses cover: Up to €625 per claim, subject to €100 excess per claim. ie a claim of €725 or more will be paid out as max €625.

General Medical Cover
This covers medical expenses for injuries incurred whilst playing or training for SRFC, across surgical, medical, physiotherapy and dental care. A claim must first be made against any private medical healthcare policy. Outstanding expenses can be claimed under this policy.

Limit of Cover
The above are the maximum limit of any expenses that may be claimed. SRFC cannot accept liability for further medical expenses, no matter how incurred. It is recommended that players and officials consider personal cover, that reflects their personal circumstances.

How to Make a claim
1. Speak to your team manager, and confirm agreement that a claim should be raised.

2. Complete a Medical Expenses claim form. Submit this and related medical expense receipts to your team manager.

3. Your team manager will pass the form & medical receipts to the Club Hon. Secretary.

4. Hon. Secretary will submit the claim on your behalf to AON brokers.

5. If a payment is confirmed, AON issue payment to SRFC, and SRFC issue onwards to claimant.

You may also be entitled to claim for medical expenses via tax rebates against your / parent income tax. Further information is available from the Revenue Commissioners.

Further Information
Contact your Team Manager, or the club secretary at email:

Click here to download a claim form