EVERYONE entering the All-weather pitch enclosure must wear permitted footwear & follow the below guidelines

  • Only Players, Officials & Coaching teams are permitted to enter the fenced pitch enclosure. All footwear must be free of mud prior to entry to main pitch enclosure.
  • All spectators are to remain outside the fenced enclosure, watching from the paths along both full sides of the enclosure.
  • Team coaches are responsible for footwear of all persons in their session, ensuring all are compliant, including visiting teams / groups.
  • Entry to the pitch enclosure is via the designated gated entry enclosure ONLY. It is not permitted to jump the fence for any reason / to fetch balls.

Permitted footwear: Boots with screw-in or moulded, rubber or metal studs

Not Permitted footwear: Blades, Astro-turf & any flat soles / runners